Family – Adventure – Health – Happiness

 Wales, UK

Hi! Thanks for visiting the home of my digital ramblings; a space for me to indulge my passion for writing. I hope you enjoy what you read here. I’m Nia, a thirty-something mum to gorgeous identical twin girls. I’m happiest with a child on my back hiking the beautiful parts of my homeland, Wales; building sandcastles on the beach; or experimenting with nutritious recipes in the kitchen. I’ve been sleep deprived for two years now and should probably have taken out shares in Café Direct a long time ago but I’m grateful to have two happy, adventurous children who fortunately share my love of the outdoors, food and adventure.

  I’ll be providing regular tales of my take on being a twin mum; our adventures; favourite places; favourite hikes; favourite family recipes; favourite products and thoughts on adapting to life as a first-time mum.

I love to connect and share ideas and experiences with others; I really enjoy reading your comments and thoughts so please don’t be shy!

Always happy to discuss new projects and collaborations – just get in touch.

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