Twin life: Adjusting to a new era as a mum of twins

Finding out we were having twins was a hysterical moment. I say hysterical because it was hysteria that set in when we heard the news. In the small, dark sonography room where we saw them wriggling on the screen for the first time we nervously laughed and cried our way through relief, disbelief, shock, happiness and gratitude; followed by fear, panic, and, I’m ashamed to say, a little bit of disappointment. This would change everything. Not that one child wouldn’t, but our carefully made plans for a family were blown out of the water now we were expecting two at once. My naive vision of continuing my busy, adventurous life, pausing briefly only to give birth and sling my baby onto my back to come with me wherever I was going, dissipated like a bursting bubble.

Pre-babies I lived for having adventures and challenging myself, whether that be trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, camping on an active volcano in Guatemala and scuba diving in East Timor; or closer to home running the London Marathon, bone chillingly cold winter swimming, exploring waterfalls and caves, or even just tree climbing. I couldn’t sit still for one moment without planning the next adventure. Mother Nature must have had a great laugh when she came up with my biggest challenge yet.

As the babies grew bigger and my body slowed down with the ever heavy precious load I was carrying, I began to realise that I was going to have to adjust my perception of adventure. The 9 long months of slower living – not for want of trying, but my body just couldn’t do much else other than grow my two big healthy babies – were a great lesson in patience; something i’d need in bucket loads when the girls were finally born.

The sense of adventure I felt as we got into the car to bring the babies home surpassed any of the crazy road trips we’d set off on in the past. These babies were going to be my greatest adventure!!


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