Twin life: First trip out with twins

The first time you go out with twins can be an extremely daunting prospect. It’s a bit like waxing – the quicker it’s done the less painful, and the more you do it the smoother it gets. 

I think I was in complete denial about what I’d been through to bring the girls into the world. In my mind, I still thought I was able to do everything physically and logistically as I had pre-pregnancy. True, I immediately lost around 3 stone in weight of babies, placentas and water, and I felt sprightly in comparison, but I was physically and mentally traumatised!! However, I knew that it was so important for my mental state of mind to get out, and One thing I hadn’t lost was my determination. So, straight after feeding both babies, a nappy change and bundling them up in layers of clothes and blankets, off we went. Me, pale from not quite having recovered from the blood lost at birth, and limping along with painful stitches, I was still determined to march up the steep hill out of our village on a gorgeous summer evening. It did me a huge amount of good to be out after the best part of a week in hospital and a couple of days at home with the blinds drawn. No doubt the babies benefited from the fresh air. We stayed out just half an hour, just enough time to get back home before the babies needed feeding again. It was a success, and gave us a confidence boost to go out again. 

My suggestions for a successful first trip out with twins (or one baby for that matter):

  • Go as soon as possible – the longer you leave it, the more daunted you will be
  • Keep it short, and close to home so should the babies start crying, you can nip back home without too much trauma
  • Go just after a feed and nappy change
  • Carry the babies in a sling or carrier – the motion of you walking and being close to you will be massively comforting for them – I loved carrying my babies with the Weego Twin carrier
  • Being outside in nature will do you all the world of good – probably more so than a trip to the shops!
  • Take it easy – especially if recovering from blood loss / episiotomy / c-section
  • Take a big bottle of water with you 



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