Twin life: Surviving a long car journey with baby or toddler twins

A change from your day to day scenery can be as good as a rest when you have baby twins. When they were very young believe it or not longer trips were actually much easier than they are now. We’d take advantage of their long nap times and made several long trips knowing that they’d sleep most of the way. 

When planning a long car trip with babies, several things were always really important: 

  • Recommendations are for a baby not to be in their car seat for any longer than 2 1/2 hours. This meant planning in a long rest stop around this time, somewhere the babies could stretch out and take a rest from the car seat. 
  • Likelihood of being in a traffic jam; you don’t want to get stuck on a boiling hot motorway at a standstill with no chance of getting off! Use a route planner with traffic warnings and check regularly throughout your journey
  • What to do if they wake and its a while to somewhere suitable to stop? Well this is where toys and songs can come into their own. We found if one of us sat in the middle seat between the babies and played with them we could buy ourselves a further 30-40 mins. 
  • Car mirrors are worth their weight in gold – we bought large ones so that the babies could see us and we had a good view of them. 

As the babies got older and started to crawl and climb everything in site, and sleep for less time, longer trips became more of a challenge. Some things we found really useful: 

  • If making a very long journey, we would wake the girls up (yes I know!) early, say 5am. We’d then keep them awake while we finished packing the car, and they would be ready to go back to sleep by the time we left at 7-ish. The bonus being how quiet the roads are at this time of day. We’d then factor in a long break in the journey of 3 hours, by which time they were nearly ready for their normal lunchtime nap, slightly later than usual, and we just did a later bedtime (which enabled us to set up the travel cots when we arrived!). This has worked for us countless times since they dropped to one long nap at 10 months old. 
  • Research soft play centres along your route! Perfect for tiring out wriggly babies half way, plus lots of facilities for changing, feeding etc. we have essentially done a tour of most of the soft play centres across the UK! 
  • To keep them entertained, I recommend stocking your car with a pack of bubbles, a duck quacking whistle, a CD of their favourite songs, and lots and lots of snacks. 

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