Beating the ‘Sunday Night Dread’

I thought I used to get the ‘Sunday Night Dread’ badly before I had children, when I was facing the office all week. Not that I didn’t enjoy my job, I really did, but after a weekend of fun and adventure the thought of a week spent at a desk made me feel anxious and nostalgic for the weekend I’d only just had. 

Now, with my twin toddlers, it sounds so awful to say I dread my week ahead with them; but after having had Daddy around for two days, and having so much fun together as a family, the week in front of me can seem reeeally long and I sometimes wonder how I’ll cope. 

Usually, as Sunday morning gives way to Sunday afternoon, the feeling creeps up on me, turning, if I’m not careful, into full blown sadness and anxiety by Sunday night. I’ve learnt to recognise this over the years and try to put several steps in place to help turn it around: 

  • Get all chores out of the way early on the weekend
  • Make sure there are clean clothes for us all ready to get dressed on Monday morning
  • Make sure there’s enough food for Monday’s breakfast and lunch, and relatively easy to prepare
  • Do something really fun on a Sunday afternoon / evening; we often go down to the beach or take the girls for a hike through the fields on a Sunday afternoon (our idea of fun!) 
  • Have a family meal together on Sunday; it doesn’t always have to be a full blown roast dinner but it’s so lovely to sit down all together (plus leftovers can go in the fridge for Monday lunch!) 


  • Arrange things for the week ahead. Until recently we had a music class first thing on a Monday morning, which got us up and out and started the week on a nice note (sorry!) I also try to arrange to meet with friends throughout the week; and of course go on some adventures! 
  • Plan in some ‘me’ time for the week; this hardly ever happens but when it does it really breaks up my week and makes me appreciate my time with the girls so much more 
  • I try not to live for the weekends, but it’s always makes me feel good to plan next weekend’s adventures! 

Do you get the Sunday Night Dread? What do you do to help yourself feel better? 


2 thoughts on “Beating the ‘Sunday Night Dread’

  1. I’ve got this right now! Good to know I’m not alone. Have gotten a bit lazy recently and developed fear of going out with kids plus fear of being stuck in all day. It’s a lose lose situation!!! This week I’ll try and do the me time thing, see if it helps. Xx


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