A healthy picnic lunchbox for toddlers (and mum!) 

I’ve written previously about getting out and about with weaning twins; but as they grow older and get more teeth, feeding options become a bit more varied and in theory, easier. Which means we can have picnics outside! 

Key to a successful trip out for us is having enough of the right food; I find making a packed lunch far less stressful than eating out in a restaurant or cafe: with twins our family takes up a lot of room and it’s not always easy to find somewhere that serves healthy kids food (why oh why?!), plus it’s so much cheaper to take our own. Having said that, if there’s a really good health food cafe where we’re going, I love to take the opportunity to have a break from cooking! 

Just a small amount of preparation makes eating on the go with my two toddlers really simple. Our Thermos lunch bag & Tupperware keeps all the food cool and is a good size for the three of us. The girls don’t usually eat all that I pack for lunch in one sitting, so the lunch leftovers roll over for an afternoon snack. 

Here’s what’s in today’s picnic for the babies, and me: 

  • A water bottle each – I love the Sistema bottles which are Phythalate and BPA free. We have two of the small ones and a large one for me. My girls find them really easy to drink from; they feel grown up drinking from a bottle like mummy and they’re the best spill free option I’ve come across. However, I continue to look for a more eco friendly equivalent.
  • Spanish Tortilla
  • Carrot & cucumber sticks
  • Cheese sticks
  • Sliced ham
  • Sweet potato falafel
  • Tinned peaches
  • A banana
  • Apple & date bars from Organix Goodies


I’m always looking for more healthy lunchbox options; would love to hear any suggestions.