Our favourite places: Margam Park, South Wales

I can’t believe it has taken me until my girls are almost 15 months old to visit this place, considering it’s just a 20 minute drive from our house! 

Margam Park is a vast country estate very conveniently situated next to junction 38 of the M4. Whoever is managing the estate has done an incredible job of diversification in the park which consists of a magnificent 19th Century castle and gardens, orangery wedding venue, conference centre, Go Ape high ropes course, deer park, farm park, two huge children’s play parks with picnic areas, and water sports lake, to name just a few of the amenities on offer!! 

We parked in the main car park (£4.70 flat fee but entrance is FREE!! unless there is a special event on!!) and went straight to the lower play park for our picnic. Probably one of the best parks I’ve ever been in, there are all the usual playground pieces plus a special area for toddlers, miniature houses and a miniature fairytale castle! They’ve recently planted a huge willow structure which my girls had so much fun running around in. 

After an hour of picnicking and playing in the park I put the girls into the pram and pushed them up the very steep hill through the gardens towards the castle. 

We paused briefly here to take a quick look inside where there was a t-shirt designing activity for older children being held, and we stopped in the main visitor’s area complete with toilets, cafe and gift shop, as well as a free drinking water tap, so we refilled our bottles and then headed towards the lake and farm park. 

The farm park sent my girls into a massive frenzy of excitement as they just love animals and they ran from pen to pen shouting out ‘baa’ and ‘neigh’ as they went! 

It was time for the girls to have a bit of a break after all the excitement and so into the pram they went for a stroll through the deer park and forest track. 

It was time to head back to the car and although there is a mini train shuttling to and from the car park during summer holidays, I didn’t think I would get the double pram in, so we walked back down the hill back to the car. 

It was such a good day out, and very reasonably priced, it’s definitely on the list of favourite places to go from now on! 

Find out more here: http://www.margamcountrypark.co.uk


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