Twin life: 7 unforeseen twin parents’ problems

‘Double trouble’, ‘you’ve got your hands full’, ‘they’re so cute’, ‘I’d never be able to tell them apart’; these are the things we hear on a daily basis. But that’s only the beginning of the story. During my 15 months of twin parenthood, I’ve come across many unforeseen twin-related problems! Here are just a few:

My hands are always full, but so are my arms, feet and mouth!

I am now very adept at answering the phone with my chin, picking up a book off the floor with my feet, carrying a car seat in either hand and my changing bag plus car keys with my teeth; in fact I look like a Christmas tree with various decorations dangling from various parts of my body most of the time. 

Forgetting to put the pram in the car

Driving 10 miles to a baby music group, arriving and realising you forgot to put the pram in the car. Carrying two almost-toddlers from the car park through town to the very badly located play centre is not an option; the only option is a 20 mile round trip to get the pram. 

Double odd socks

My sleep deprived mind can’t even work out the stats behind this! Somehow we always end up with a massive pile of odd socks, twice as many as we should have! 

Sleeping through the night

My baby finally slept through the night! It’s the holy grail for all parents. My baby did sleep through the night once, and so did the other one. Unfortunately it wasn’t the same night.  

Choosing which baby to save

The one that’s crawling towards the cream rug you naively bought pre-babies mid nappy-change, or the one heading towards the massive untouched cup of coffee that you’ve already re-warmed 3 times? Oh well, it’s probably gone cold again anyway. 

Copycat breastfeeding

You’ve already fed baby no 1 because they woke up half an hour before their twin. But now baby 2 has woken up and needs feeding and there’s no way baby 1 is going to let baby 2 feed without them having some! Result: twin babies will never wean. Ever. 

Birthday cards

If you’ve got twins, and assuming you make it through the first year, you have to buy 4 different first birthday cards: one for each of them from Mummy & Daddy, plus one to each from each other. Do you know how hard it is to find 4 different designs of first birthday card in one shop?! 


10 thoughts on “Twin life: 7 unforeseen twin parents’ problems

  1. I feel for you but you have written this post in a very entertaining way! I love it! The part where you said you look like a xmas tree made me laugh so much. 🙂 #twinklytuesday


  2. What a fantatic read! Wow! I’ve pinning this to share on my Facebook page sometime. You know, I really wanted twins, until I got pregnant! I salut parents who have more than one at the same time, I can’t even begin to imagine how you do it.

    It seems there’s never a dull moment at your house and they sure do appear to keep you on your toes. You must laugh loads! Really, thanks for sharing 🙂 #CommentLuv

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  3. I so hear you! I love having twins, but there are some unique aspects to parenting them that parents of singletons just don’t realize. Most recently, I’ve been dealing with people not realizing that I have two kids! Mine are well out of the pushchair/stroller phase, and with some frequency, people just assume that there’s one of them because they’re not looking at both faces side-by-side!

    So, my sock solution is this – throw out all the socks and replace them with just one kind. White socks, all the same, everything matches everything else, and there’s no more pairing to be done!

    Thanks for being part of #TwinklyTuesday!


    1. Very good hint re the socks! I can’t believe the strange things people do and say around twins – it’s like they lose all common sense just because there are two babies! I bet one of my girls first questions will be ‘what is a twin’ or ‘what is identical’ because so many people ask if they are twins and whether they are identical! Hopefully they don’t develop a complex.
      Thanks for reading – great kinky! #whatevertheweather


      1. Oh, “kinky” did give me a good laugh. When they’re ready, share the National Geographic program on identical twins with your littles, although you may want to find a distraction for the very short part on the act of conception.


  4. we have one boy one girl and still regularly get asked are they identical!!!!!
    I feel your pain, my daughter cannot leave home without the pram because getting 2 babies ( now 21 months) out of 2 different sides of the car keeping them both safe at all times and then the procedure in reversal is impossible to do,
    Same with days out on the beach or the park or just across the road to toddle group you cannot watch 2 on your own when neither off them are old enough to understand danger or stop or such like.

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  5. “Result: twin babies will never wean. Ever. ”
    Ha! So true. We’re at almost 17 months and I thought they were losing interest…but they must have caught word of my happiness to know the end was in sight because suddenly baby girl is nursing every 30 minutes…and so of course her brother wants in on the action! Twin life is crazy!


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