7 ways to be a traveller at home

Recently I’ve been coming out of the thick fog that a twin pregnancy and the first year of my daughters’ life shrouded me in, and my itchy feet have come back with a vengeance! 

I’ve had wanderlust for all of my adult life. I went to live in Spain aged 18, came back for a few years of university before going back to study in Spain & France for a year. After graduation, I worked 3 jobs for a year, then set off to travel Central & South America. I fell in love with Central America but was drawn back home by the love of my life; whom I eventually persuaded to jack in his job and come travelling with me! 

We travelled together through Asia, Australia & New Zealand, then headed back home to settle down & earn some money. I was lucky enough to travel a bit with my job to East Africa, and then I met up with my old fling, Central America, again on my honeymoon, this time with my husband by my side. 

Shortly after, our two beautiful daughters were on their way; our greatest adventures yet, turning life as we knew it on its head and inside out. 

Before they were born, we were simply pot plants…now we’re trees, we’ve put our roots down firmly into the earth…

As our daughters grow, we can’t wait to share with them our love of the world, of travel and adventure. We have grand plans to travel the world with them when they’re a bit older, but for now the circumstances aren’t right for us, and so with these itchy feet burning once again, we’re going to be travellers at home. This is how we’ll do it: 

Once a month, visit somewhere we’ve never been before

Whether it’s a town, a beach, a tourist attraction or an historic site, there are so many places close to home that we’ve never been to or don’t know much about, we’ll make a list of our must-sees and clear a date in the calendar to just go.

Regular weekend trips 

We haven’t got the budget to travel far or for high end accommodation, so we’ll do it on a budget like we do when we’re backpacking; hostels, bed and breakfasts, and camping. 

Mix with the locals

Where we live in Wales, everyone knows very well that people from Cardiff are a different race entirely to those from Swansea, for example! So we’ll make an effort to get chatting to the locals; it’s how we do it when we’re overseas, so just because we’re from the same country it’s no reason to believe we don’t have a thing or two to learn from local people. Plus when you’ve got kids you’ve got an easy conversation starter.

Explore all the cultures that make up our corner of the world

Cardiff, our capital city, is a multicultural melting pot of cultures and traditions from all over the world! In almost any city in the UK you can encounter tens if not hundreds of types of cuisine, shops, and languages. I used to love visiting an amazing Caribbean restaurant in the city which has since sadly closed down, but it genuinely transported me to Caribbean shores when I was there. We’ll explore the world through the eateries in our city; it will be a great way for the girls to be introduced to different foods and sounds before we take them travelling overseas.

  Dress how we want
One of the things I love most about travelling is that it’s more than a means to an end; it’s a way of life. On the road, almost anything goes and fashion is low on the list of priorities. Comfy travelling pants are a favourite, so are bold, colourful patterns, interesting jewellery and headgear to keep the pesky hair out of the way while on an adventure! As a really busy mum, comfort is key and while I’m on a career break I can be as adventurous with styles and patterns as I like! 

Teach the kids a language

Other than English, I speak French and Spanish, and what remains of my a-level Welsh. Once I’m confident that the girls are making good progress with their language development (twins often suffer language delay) I will begin to introduce them to different languages. 

Have adventures

Hiking to a waterfall, getting on a bus to somewhere we’ve never been before, trying a new dish in a restaurant we’ve never been in before, taking a boat trip to an island, or going wildlife spotting – with a little imagination the world is our oyster, here at home! 

How do you keep the traveller in you alive between trips? 


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