8 reasons not to be sad that Summer is over 

I’m a January baby but I most definitely class myself as a Summer person. I love almost everything about Summer, everything that is, except it’s passing and the long, dark months which ensue as Summer gives way to Autumn. 

This year though, I’m determined not to wish life away by craving next Summer. Instead, I’m going to try to relish every moment of our wonderful seasons, appreciating each moment as it happens, and making the most of the finer things Autumn brings. Here are 8 things I love about this time of year:   

Goodbye sun cream, sun hats & wasps

These have been the 3 main sources of stress for me this Summer! My toddlers refuse to wear their sun hats, making a big game of taking them off and watch me chase them round trying to put them back on. They don’t mind me putting on suncream, but then proceed to rub it into their eyes resulting in two very unhappy toddlers! And as for wasps, well what actually is the point of them other than to cause stress to mums who are trying to have a nice picnic in the park with their children. I most definitely look forward to a few seasons without these things! 

Quiet beaches & countryside

Not that I’m completely antisocial, but I do love a bit of seclusion and very much look forward to our local beach being less crowded, being able to take a peaceful stroll through the woods and fields. 


Fruit picking & crumbles

Years ago, when I spent several months travelling through the tropics, it was always fruit crumble and custard I hallucinated about! A quintessentially British dish, no other food captures the essence of the season like a good fruit crumble. Blackberries, apples, pears, plums – we are spoilt for choice at this time of year. I love the whole ritual of gathering fruit and coming home to turn it into a delicious pudding. I often eat leftover crumble for breakfast at this time of year! 

Sunsets & starry nights
While I love the long lazy warm nights that we occasionally get during summer, with small children we tend to be either putting them to bed, or in bed ourselves before sunset in the Summer. Staying up until it gets dark and the stars appear seems less of a priority when you know you’re going to be up at least 3 times in the night for your non-sleep appreciating children. So, with the nights drawing in, I look forward to watching the sunset with my children before they go to bed, and wrapping up warm to sit outside under the stars with a hot chocolate once they have gone to bed. 




Off-peak prices

We often take a holiday during Autumn as there are some really good deals to be had on accommodation. Eating out is often cheaper with offers designed to entice customers in, and entry prices to popular attractions can be much lower out of peak season. 

Autumn leaves

We usually go ‘leaf peeping’ and conker collecting during the Autumn. The colours on the trees are captivating and crunching through crisp fallen leaves takes me right back to my childhood spent tramping around the forest where my grandparents lived. As my children started walking this summer, this autumn will be their first experience of kicking the leaves around and I can’t wait!! 

Muddy puddles & wellies

Another irresistible Autumn experience is splashing in puddles with wellies on! As we’ve had a pretty wet August here my girls are already pretty adept at puddle splashing (and occasionally sitting – doh!) but if my washing machine is up to the challenge, so are we! 

Log fires & cosy nights in

We invested in a log burner last winter and I can’t wait to fire it up again! I love nothing better than getting cosy on the sofa in front of the fire with a blanket and a glass of wine, lighting all my candles, putting on some good music and reading or writing. Even better after a long crisp hike on an empty beach or quiet woods collecting blackberries!   

Are you sad Summer is over? What are you looking forward to most about Autumn? 

Monkey and Mouse