Our favourite products: Muddy Puddles puddle pac all-in-one

My girls just love to keep my washing machine busy. Whether it’s wet, sandy, or muddy clothes; it’s not unheard of for us to go through 5 changes of clothes in one day per twin! 


Enter Muddy Puddles’ puddle pac all-in-one, to save my washing machine and save my sanity. As you probably know by now, we just love to hike and spend lots of time on the beach, and this all-in-one folds up very neatly indeed into a tiny flat pack with a handy hook perfect for clipping onto our backpack or popping into the beach bag. It’s super lightweight – so much so that you can hardly believe it could be waterproof, but although we’ve yet to take it out in heavy rain, it performs really well in rockpools, on wet sand, and in muddy puddles (does what it says on the tin then!). 


Because it is so lightweight, it is great for unpredictable weather. Summer in Wales can see pouring rain one minute and intense sun the next, but when we set off in the rain and the sun came out, I wasn’t worried about my daughter overheating in this suit, so we could continue on our hike, and we didn’t have to stop to get the suit back on when it rained again 10 minutes later!


The best design feature by far are the elasticated foot straps – they are adjustable and do a fantastic job at keeping wellies on; we are forever backtracking half a mile on hike to collect fallen wellies, but the stirrups on this suit meant that even the wellies that are slightly on the big side for the girls finally stay on for the duration of our hike! 

The long zip makes it really easy to get on and off, but my little Houdini hasn’t managed to undo the ‘yank-proof’ zip yet.

I never realised how much non-elasticated hoods and sleeves bothered me until we started using this suit and it’s a revelation; the hood stayed up and the sleeves didn’t drag, allowing my little artists in-training to have full use of their hands during a wet patio chalking session.


The suit is generous in size, and this is great for my busy girls as it allows total freedom of movement, perfect for climbing, crawling, splashing and running around. 


I just love the bold, fun design; the colour is so vibrant and really suits my girls with their bright blue eyes. The material feels strong and it’s really easy to wash, too – after one particularly muddy trip we just threw it into the washing machine with everything else on a normal cycle and it came out good as new. 

The Puddle Pac all-in-one is currently 20% off on the Muddy Puddles website, (be quick) and while for twins this adds up, individually I think this represents great value for money because of the quality of the suit. 

So, overall this is a fantastic piece of adventuring kit with real attention to detail that completely suits my busy, adventurous, and messy babies (and saves me a load of washing!)

We received one puddle pac all-in-one from Muddy Puddles for the purpose of this review 😊


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