Getting outside with kids in the rain

We live in Wales where it rains, a lot and often. I’m not complaining, it’s what makes our landscape so lush and fills our waterfalls with an endless supply of gloriously crashing water. It also means on the relatively rare occasions that I have to water the garden, I can use my supply of harvested rain water. Always good to look on the bright side! 

On the other hand, getting out in the rain with young children often seems like too much hassle – wet clothes, unhappy babies – no thanks! However, my babies go stir crazy when kept inside for more than one day, so when the rain sets in for a week or even weeks, it’s time to be brave and just get outside. 

As an adult, I like to embrace the wet weather and just go for it completely – going for a sea swim, surf or walking behind a waterfall just to make sure I’m completely drenched through and not just damp; maybe that’s the Welsh girl in me? With the children, it’s all too tempting to let worries about their comfort put me off going outside in wet weather completely. However, with a little bit of planning and a lot of kit, we can have as much, if not more fun on a wet day as any other!! 


Here are a few pointers that make getting outside for adventures in the rain easier for us: 

  • Waterproofs! This is very obvious but makes all the difference between a happy baby and a miserable one. We have Regatta puddle suits which are absolutely fantastic and keep my girls warm, dry and happy all over! We also recently tested a fantastic waterproof all in one from Muddy Puddles – check out the review here
  • Hats – with rain usually comes wind and I find keeping the girls’ heads dry and warm keeps them happier for longer. 
  • Warm snacks and drinks – breastfeeding provides an easy on-tap supply of warm drinks and snacks without any fuss (except wet boobs for me!) and you can get wonderful thermal insulated lunchboxes / bowls which keep food warm. I find wrapping it in foil adds an extra layer of insulation. 


  • A change or several changes of warm dry clothes; a waterproof rucksack is good for keeping everything dry. Plastic bags are usually the devil in my eyes but they are wonderful for keeping spare clothes and other things dry and then for putting wet clothes in afterwards.
  • Somewhere dry to get changed – even if under a tree or behind a wall, it’s usually possible to find a bit of shelter from heavy rain somewhere. 
  • A positive mental attitude and sense of adventure – if you’re having fun your children will pick up on it and have fun too! 


  • Keep in mind a list of water-based activities your kids will enjoy; if you’re going to get wet you might as well really embrace it! My girls love playing in rockpools, jumping waves on the beach, splashing in puddles, drawing in the mud with sticks and shaking branches (yes, really) when we’re out and about; and chalking on our patio or playing with a water table or just washing tub of water outside when we’re at home. 

We struggled before the girls were walking well enough for wellies with suitable footwear; they tended to get cold feet if they were in their neoprene socks for too long. Thankfully we’re now able to use wellies, but I wonder what the solution is for pre/ new walkers? How do you get out in the rain?

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17 thoughts on “Getting outside with kids in the rain

  1. #twinklytuesday We also get out in the rain. We live in Holland which can also be very wet. If you didn’t make the most of it you’d never get out. Those waterproofs look fab. We also had rain ponchos they were easy to get on in a sudden down pour. Sorry no solution to the shoes.


    1. Thanks for your comment Catie; I’ll stop by your blog once my girls have gone down for a nap!
      I think it’s all about attitude; it so helps if you embrace whatever the weather throws at you! There’s a great saying ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’ so that’s become my mantra!
      Hope you have a good summer in Holland


  2. We lived on an island off the west coast of Scotland for a couple of years – we learned to embrace the rain! I also love the regatta puddle suits. I don’t really have any shoe solutions I’m afraid- I found crocs wellies very good they are awful to get off and on but stay in really well and don’t perish- we were going through a couple of pairs per winter for each child until we started using these! #twinklyTuesday


  3. A perfect list of things to go outside with and I agree with your sentiment all the way, mine are outside at some point everyday whatever the weather! I am popping by from Twinkly Tuesday but please join my Country Kids linky it is all about getting kids outdoors whatever the weather! Your twins look adorable and having a beach close by is a real benefit, whatever the weather!


    1. Thank you for visiting and your comment! Will definitely check out your linky; I’m a beginner at all this and apparently a bit technologically inept (always thought I was ok before starting blogging!) but will do my best 🙂


  4. I love this post. Back in January I decided to beat the winter blues by going out for a walk everyday, regardless of the weather. And guess what? It worked, I felt much happier for it.

    I’m struggling to get out of the house at the best of times at the moment, mostly due to anxiety issues, but I’m hoping to get back out there and face the outdoors, rain or shine. 🙂



    1. Thanks so much for your comment. It can be so overwhelming to get out some days but I really think that small steps can help, nothing too ambitious so that it’s less likely to go spectacularly wrong!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  5. How blinking adorable do they look in those pics! I do love an all in one! I’m not great in the rain but Zach too goes stir crazy being stuck indoors so sometimes we just have to go with the flow! It’s great that you don’t let it get in the way of having outdoor fun! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


  6. Ahh yes rain, living in not so sunny south Wales I know your pain! Leo hates being stuck inside but I am yet to brave the down pours with him. Thanks for the tips, maybe we will have a rainy day adventure soon xx #TwinklyTuesday p.s when Leo couldn’t walk in wellies we got him so ankle winter boots, kept his feet warm and dry and we’re only £8 from Asda x


  7. We love to get out in the rain, there is something magical about the wet weather and puddle splashing (even at nearly 40). But also there is something so comforting about going out getting soaking and coming back to the warmth of home.

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